Sometimes, the simple pleasures can't be beaten.

Luxuriate in simple pleasures this autumn. A pampering at home spa experience awaits, with scented candles, luxury bath products and the softest cotton towels.

Here we're sharing our five tips for creating that spa experience at home.


1. Engage your senses.

Part of the reason that going to a spa feels special, is because all of your senses are engaged. When setting up at home, remember to do the same and incorporate elements that are pleasing to your senses, like popping one of our luxury diffusers in your bathroom.

2. Stock up on warm towels.

Have some soft, warm towels ready to wash your face between your pampering steps; soak them in hot water, wring them out and have them by the side of the bath. Add a few drops of essential oil for aromatherapy benefits, too.

3. Light a few candles.

The soft light and relaxing scent from a few a beloved scented candles will add an extra layer to your spa experience and help you switch off quicker.

4. Soak it all up.

Fill the bath up with lovely aromatic bubbles, or enjoy a long hot shower while lathering up with one of our shower gels, the perfect way to relax and replenish.

5. Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of chilled spring water with lemon or cucumber if you're planning on doing any at home treatments. It will keep your body hydrated and help flush out any toxins.