Where are BRISSI products made?

Our Home Fragrance collection is made in England.


Are BRISSI products vegan friendly?

Both our Home Fragrance and Bath & Body collections are vegan friendly. Our candles are all made with 100% British soy wax. No products are tested on animals.



Home Fragrance

How do I care for my BRISSI candle?

Once out of its packaging, place the candle on a heat resistant, level surface. Do not light if the glass is cracked or damaged, and do not leave it unattended when burning. Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm, and stop using when 10mm wax remains.


How long does a BRISSI candle burn for?

Our classic BRISSI candles have up to 50 hours burn time.


What is the shelf life of a BRISSI candle?

All our candles are made of natural Soy wax and there fore do not contain nasty chemicals that can harm you.

This means the shelf life is a little shorter than paraffin candles, but they are still excellent for at least 18 months.


How much do the candles weigh?

The candles come in three weights:

Classic - 200g  |  Travel - 100g  |  Votive - 75g


How do I make my candle burn evenly?

We suggest that you burn your BRISSI candle for a minimum of 1-2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours each time. This helps the wax to create a pool and melt fully to the edge of the glass. We recommend the use of a wick trimmer to keep your wick nice and short after each burn.


What are your wicks made from?

All our wicks are made of cotton.



Bath & Body

Are the products safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, our bath and body products are made with lots of essential oils and are therefore very easy on the skin. If you suffer from eczema or any form of skin medical condition, please always ask your doctor first.


What is the shelf life of a BRISSI Bath & Body product?

Bath and body products should be used within 12 months from opening. 





How do I place an order?

You can place your order via our website


Do I need to open an account?

You do not need an account to place an order. However, by having an account you will receive news on our latest products and be able to review your orders.


How can I track my order?

All updates can be seen in the My Account section of the website. You will receive an email as soon as your order is sent.


Something is wrong with my order, what can I do?

Please email our customer care team at


What payments methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, ApplePay, GPay & ShopPay


How do I know if my order has been successful?

Once your order has been completed and your payment has been successful, you will receive an email confirmation. This will contain your order number and complete details of your order.


I haven’t received my order confirmation email, what should I do?

Please check your spam/junk folder just in case and ensure that is on the safe senders list of your email account. If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate in contacting us.





How can I be removed from the Brissi mailing list?

If you would like to unsubscribe from our mailing list, please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a recent marketing communication.


How can I reset my current password?

You can reset your password at any time from the account log in page. In the password field click the 'Forgot your password?' link.


Is my personal information shared?

Brissi do not, and will not pass your information to any third parties for privacy purposes. Click here to read our fully privacy policy.


How can I get in touch with Brissi?

Please email