It’s impossible to lay eyes on a crystal drinking glass and not be enchanted - the quality and elegance adds a remarkable sense of style to any occasion. When you touch the petal-fine rim of a crystal glass against your lips, or feel the reassuring weight in your hand, you’re left with a subtle yet distinct feeling of classical, luxurious quality.

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Is it really so different to ordinary glass? The simple answer is a resounding yes. Unlike glass, crystal is crafted with minerals combined with the sand. This produces an exceptionally strong material, which can be used to make fine and delicate, yet durable pieces, such as the ones you’ll find in our glassware collection. In addition to its strength, crystal is also heavier than normal glass, which makes for a very pleasant feel in the hand. It is also clearer and glossier, refracting light to create a stunning effect when sunshine or candlelight hits your glass.

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There’s a reason that crystal is regarded as a timeless choice for your dining table or drinks tray. The way that crystal refracts light creates a wonderfully elegant feel, bringing to mind glamorous cocktail parties where everything seems to shine, or  luxurious dinner parties filled with sparkling conversation over candlelight.

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After the year we’ve all been through, time spent in the company of those we love has never been so meaningful. Crystal glasses add a touch of something truly special to your table as you catch up, share stories and celebrate togetherness with the people you hold dear. Crystal also comes in many different designs, which means you can choose glassware based on your home decor. Our elegant, delicately engraved Victoria collection is perfect for a traditional setting, while our Sophia collection sparkles and shines with gentle ribbing, ideal for a modern home.

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The quality and durability of crystal makes it a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Perhaps there’s someone in your life who bought a house during lockdown, and you haven’t been able to give them a housewarming gift yet? Or an engaged couple who are finally able to get married after a long and uncertain year? A set of crystal glasses, famed for their heirloom status, shows them that you’ve been with them from afar during the last year, and now you’ll be there in togetherness for years to come.


It’s true that guests may not spend time looking closely at the glassware that you serve their drinks in. Yet the subtleties we’ve mentioned - the weight of crystal in the hand, the way it sparkles, the delicate feel against the lips, these small but meaningful sensations will help you create an atmosphere where your guests feel well looked-after, comfortable, and at-ease. And isn’t that the true mark of a good host? 

Crystal will forever be a timeless, classic choice for your home. Shop our full collection here

The Gifting Edit

The Gifting Edit

Gift giving, whether to a friend, someone you love, as a token of appreciation or to let someone know you care, can sometimes prove a little tricky. Fear not, we have compiled a list of gorgeous gifts from mirrors, to candle sticks, fragrances to trays, that will bring a smile to the face of even the trickiest recipient.
January 24, 2021