A beautiful mirror is so much more than a place to check your hair on your way out of the door. The right mirror pulls a room together by creating space, enhancing light and accentuating the rest of your décor. They have a natural pull, drawing our attention to the light they reflect. But how do you choose the best one for each room? What do you need to consider? We’ve done the hard work for you, with this guide to choosing the right mirror for every room of your home.




A large statement mirror above the fireplace is a classic décor choice for a reason – creating a welcoming, bright atmosphere and providing the illusion of more space. The key, however, is to choose a mirror that makes an impact without being overly imposing. 

Our Josephine Mirror is a wonderful choice for this very reason – its intricate detailing is utterly sublime, yet it retains a quiet elegance that enhances the room around it too. 

When you’re getting dressed, a full-length mirror is essential so you can check your entire ensemble in one go (and if you’re so inclined, to snap that all-important Instagram photo!) We think our Florida Mirror is the perfect addition to your bedroom – slim to ensure it won’t take up too much space, but tall to give you a full view of your outfit. 

Being free-standing, you can even move it to take advantage of natural light, allowing you to make sure you’re dressed to perfection whatever the time of day.

It’s safe to say that of all the rooms in the home, your bathroom is the one where a mirror is the most important, so much so that most of us will already have one above the sink. But a smaller, decorative mirror adds so much to a bathroom. 


Our Luna Mirror, with its modern lines and practical shelf is perfect for displaying a hand cream or room spray for guests, while our understated New England Mirror provides a natural elegance, perfect above the bath or a storage cabinet. 

Hallways, landings and entryways are the perfect opportunity to get creative with your décor choices. A statement mirror such as our stunning Golden Feather Mirror livens things up, and looks as beautiful against clean white walls as it does with bold colours, or trendy wallpapers. 

If you have a spacious entryway or landing, a large mirror above a console table makes it feel more like a welcoming room than a wide open space – our timeless, softly finished Hampshire Mirror is simply perfect for this role.