There’s power in the right piece of wall art – creating atmosphere and giving your space  personality. But how do you decide what goes on your walls? It might seem like a daunting prospect, but we’re here to help, with this guide to choosing the perfect art for your home.
Take a look at a few options and think about what speaks to you. It’s important that you enjoy looking at what you put on your walls, and that it helps create the atmosphere that you want to live in. For a calming space, our beautiful landscape Wheat Harvest Acrylic on Canvas is ideal. Its soft lines and serene colours, lifted by a horizon of gold leaf, will become a soothing yet striking centrepiece.
Alternatively, if you’re looking to enhance an uplifting space (a welcoming hallway perhaps), our cheerful Abstract Petals & Dots Acrylic on Canvas is simply perfect.
There are so many ways you can use colour in your home, to create atmosphere, reference a theme or even to reflect part of your personality. Art can be used to create a contrast, or coordinated with your paint colours, to create different but equally beautiful effects. Make use of colour cards such as the ones available at Little Greene, to see how different paint will work with wall art. Your findings might surprise you –  imagine the dramatic statement that our Blue Depth Acrylic on Canvas makes on a navy wall, like Plimsoll by Paint & Paper Library – the colours are coordinated, yet the result is truly striking.
Floors, walls and furniture. Usually, art is one of the last things we choose for a room, which means there’s already a colour scheme and personality in there to help you make your choices. If you come across a piece that you really like, but the colours simply don’t work with your furniture, why not try to find a similar piece in more complementary colours?
If your home has original or antique features, such as a fireplace or mouldings, narrow your search down to art styles that work alongside them. This doesn’t mean that your art has to be traditional by any means – in fact we think our inky, impressionistic Abstract Blue Waterfall Acrylic on Canvas would be a wonderful partner to a Victorian cast iron fire surround or ornate cornicing.  
If the room you’re putting art in is quite dark, opt for a piece that plays with light within the work, something that will brighten the room with its presence – our Horizon Acrylic on Canvas is perfect for this.
However, if the room is usually brightly lit with overhead lights – like your kitchen or entrance hall – then choose something intricate and bold. Our Abstract Bright Formations Acrylic on Canvas, with its vibrant yellow and striking shapes, will come alive under bright lightbulbs.  
It’s important to know the size and ceiling height of the room you’re going to put your art in. A small room is easily overpowered by a single large piece of art – opt instead for several smaller pieces, which will help to create space throughout the wall. A large room on the other hand is the perfect space to showcase a big, bold painting, like our glorious Misty Blue Abstract Acrylic on Canvas. We think it would look particularly good above a fireplace in a high-ceilinged living room.
We hope this guide has helped inspire your wall art choices. You can shop our full range of stunning pieces here