The Finer Details

Using the highest quality fibre reeds this works to slowly diffuse the aromatic essential oils into the air. 

100ml - Made in England - Natural Essential Oils - Alcohol Free - Up to 6 months diffusion

A Little More

Why not try pairing complimentary scents in different areas of your home? Every one of our Brissi fragrances is rich and complex, perfect for pairing together for a bespoke scent.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Miranda Achille
Best diffuser

When I moved in my place I found the Brissi diffusers and I found them so lovely, not too strong and very delicate smell. Could not resist to buy some new one, the house smells great and everyone loves it!

Joanna Martin
Delicious fragrance

The fragrance Fruits D’Epices is very reminiscent of Thierry Muglers Angel,which has been my perfume for the last twenty eight years. I absolutely love this product, and i have the candle too.

Glenys Underwood
Warm and Welcoming

A gorgeous smell defined by the words in title of review. It’s my absolute favourite and I’m sticking with it!


Brissi defusers are the only ones I buy now. They last much longer than other ones that I have tried. Would highly recommend this product . Definitely value for money.