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Using the highest quality fibre reeds this works to slowly diffuse the aromatic essential oils into the air. 

200ml - Made in England - Natural Essential Oils - Alcohol Free - Up to 6 months diffusion

A Little More

Why not try pairing complimentary scents in different areas of your home? Every one of our Brissi fragrances is rich and complex, perfect for pairing together for a bespoke scent.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great diffuser

I had an old Brissi fig rouge which I bought from their local shop which unfortunately closed down. The diffuser always smelt fab but was running out so I went to the Brissi website to buy another one. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be the same as the bottle was different (the old one was prettier) but it smells just as good.

Caroline Witzer

I just love the smell of this diffuser. It's powerful enough without being overpowering.
A subtle scent that everyone comments on the wonderful smell

Danuta Brown

Beautiful fragrance

Caroline Witzer

I just love the smell of this diffuser.....
It's strong but not overpowering, intense but not overwhelming
Difficult to explain as you read from my review

I hate diffusers that don't project. or lose their smell
This one definitely lasts. Perfect