Fragrance Collection

The sense of smell and a beautifully created fragrance are things that evoke the most beautiful of memories.


Inspired by our co-founders’ love of travelling and specially formulated by world leading perfumers, the collection of fragrances will fill your home with utter joy.


Discover CÔTE D’AZUR, a fresh, revitalising fragrance that is beautifully crisp. A unisex scent, it embodies the glamour and salty sea air of the legendary destination with a blend of Mediterranean bergamot, musk and white amber.

The wonderfully sensual and opulent FIGUE ROUGE is a truly romantic scent, with its dark and decadent blend of fig and pomegranate. With a floral heart of jasmine, rose and frankincense you will be transported to Tuscany, under a fig tree in the warm sunshine.

Take a refreshing and uplifting journey to relaxation with FEUILLES DE THÉ. An uplifting green tea infusion with notes of lemon and orange brushed with jasmine and sweet neroli. To keep the fragrance light there is a base note of lavender and amber interleaved with musk.

Be transported back to heady summer days with FLEUR DE CASSIS, a sparkling floral scent with wonderful earthiness. The bitter sweetness of blackcurrants dance within a bed of soft rose petals with a gentle musk undertone.

With colder nights, a woody sensual scent is a must. BOIS FUME blends the glorious scent of red mandarin, vetiver and cedarwood beautifully. It adds to the wonderful joy of spending an evening next to a burning fireplace.

A beautifully rich and spicy scent, FRUIT D’EPICES is a symphony of mulberry, bergamot and vanilla. A hint of spicy black pepper and orange blossom add warmth.


Our Home Fragrance collection, including candles, diffusers and room sprays are available in all six scents. Our collection of Bath & Body is available in three scents, Côte D’Azur, Feuilles de Thé and Figue Rouge.