With most of us spending more time than ever at home, we are all thinking about how we can create a calm, cosy vibe, especially with longer evenings and a touch of January blues.

From layering luxury candles and reed diffusers, to trimming your wick and tossing your reeds, here is our guide to scenting your home.

Let’s start with a quick refresh on choosing your scent.



With shorter days and colder nights, a woody sensual scent is a must. BOIS FU blends the glorious scent of red mandarin, vetiver and cedarwood beautifully. It adds to the wonderful joy of spending an evening next to a burning fireplace.

For those that want to take a refreshing and uplifting journey to relaxation, you might prefer FEUILLES DE THÉ. An uplifting green tea infusion with notes of lemon and orange, brushed with jasmine and sweet neroli. To keep the fragrance light, there is a base note of lavender and amber interleaved with musk.

If, like us, you are dreaming of escaping on holiday one day when the coast is clear, unleash your imagination with  CÔTE D’AZUR, A fresh, revitalising fragrance that is beautifully crisp. A unisex scent, it embodies the glamour and salty sea air of the legendary destination with a blend of Mediterranean bergamot, musk and white amber.



It could be a regularly lit, scented candle or a well-placed diffuser, either way your base fragrance should be one that makes you feel happy at home, but transported to far off places when the mood takes us. 

At the beginning of a new year, I always long for travel, our CÔTE D’AZUR luxury reed diffuser, takes me straight to the Riviera and a long, dreamy lunch on a sun filled terrace. It’s good to dream.

The romantic in me loves the wonderfully sensual and opulent FIGUE ROUGE, with its dark and decadent blend of fig and pomegranate. The floral heart of jasmine, rose and frankincense transports me to Tuscany, under a fig tree in the warm sunshine.



Once you’ve found your favourite fragrance, you can tweak it depending on the time of day or occasion by pairing it with another scent. For example, you could be preparing for dinner and looking to create a sophisticated, elegant aroma. Fragrance layering can help you create a unique scent. We recommend starting with the candle you love. It sets the scene and will have the most impact as it is designed to fill the whole space.  Then look for a room spray, we like to call them spritzers. It can be the same scent or one with an element that ties it to the candle - it could be a shared note such as the rose petals of  FLEUR DE CASSIS and the neroli of FEUILLES DE THÉ.

A little trick for later, when we are once again allowed guests in our homes, is to spritz your room spray just before guests arrive, and don’t forget to mist over fabrics like curtains or cushions which will hold the scent for longer. Our alcohol free room scents are created to ensure they are gentle on your fabrics.

For now, we are focusing on using fragrance layering to change the feel of a room. You might want to change up the aroma of the room you’re currently working and living in. Once you finish work for the day, the diffuser or scented candle you now associate with your home office could be transformed at the strike of a match with the candle that reflects your mood that evening.

Once I have my choice of fragrance, I love a diffuser. They can subtly scent any space and their continuous stream will last for months. With more time being spent at home, they are particularly worth the investment. A beautifully rich and spicy scent, FRUIT D’EPICES is a symphony of mulberry, bergamot and vanilla. A hint of spicy black pepper and orange blossom add warmth. Perfect for the warm and cosy vibe we are all looking for.



To avoid a black wick, always give it a trim. It is very easy to do, simply snap it off once it is cold or if you have a wick trimmer, cut it off to the end of the burnt ‘softer’ part.

Another tip. Ensure your candle is always burning away from drafts, open windows and doors so that the burn is tempered and even. 

Never burn the candle for less than 30 minutes as time is needed to allow the essential oils to warm up. The candle is happy once the wax has melted evenly on the top and has formed a pool of liquid across the diameter of the candle. The essential oils will have woken up and they will infuse the room with their delicate fragrance.

We believe in a good scent throw and give almost twice the average number of reed sticks. If you prefer a softer scent throw, then simply use less reeds, this way they will also last longer. To get the most out of your diffuser, toss the sticks upside down every so often, this allows the oils to travel. You’ll know to toss when the reeds look a little dry.

We hope that this guide helps you amplify the way you use your home fragrance, our full range is available now with 20% off, the discount will automatically show when added to basket. We are offering free delivery when you spend £50 or more.

We are also delighted to offer a free CÔTE D’AZUR votive candle as a gift to all customers spending £50 or over.